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     My fondest memories in life begin with cutting and building small houses in shop class. I remember beaming with pride and knowing with such certainty, that I would go onto building anything with my hands.

      I come from a long line of contractors, four of my uncles were Tradesman and business owners. I was eager to start helping out anyway that I could when I was 11 years old, I began to regularly work as a labourer. Landing an apprentiship program when I was 14 years old, I was on an early road to being a Carpenter. At age 15, I joined the Reserve Army in Feild Engineering (bridge building and explosives) and stayed with them for 4 years. At this time, I was ready to move forward in becoming a business owner.

      I started my first business 34 years ago in New Home Construction, and Residential/Commercial Renovations. It was in 1995 that I expanded to designing and developing Custom Homes.

     With each new home built by #1 Liberty Homes, we are characterized by our customers as sincere, hardworking and professional. Through our devotion and integrity our team has created great relationships with our homeowners, architects and engineers. Our company goal is to help you design, renovate or build your Dream Luxury Home using only the top-quality materials and well trained seasoned employees.

      'Our Family Building Dream Homes for Your Family' is the key behind Liberty Homes. Our goal for each project is not only to build your dream home, but to create a space for you to share your love, fill with laughter and make memories to last a lifetime. 

      We understand the magnitude of your decision to go forward with such a project, that we begin the process by listening to you. Understanding your lifestyle allows us to guide you through the project with an eye toward beauty and functionality as you define it.

Personalized customer serivice is the core of our business. We know that your new home or renovation is more than just a construction project... it is something that you and your growing family will enjoy for years to come. We also know that you are investing more than money into your custom project, and our pledge of customer satisfaction and warranty requires that we fulfill not only the plans and specifications, but also your dreams.


"If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It"   

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